Our areas of expertise

We believe in supporting process excellence initiatives of our client-partners in our three areas of expertise
Process Management

Changing operational mindset is achieved through experiential learning emphasizing on customer value as the main driver for operational excellence and its impact to business value. We believe in a project-based learning with mentoring and coaching in order to accomplish a quick return on training investments. The primary tools used are Lean Thinking and Six Sigma methodologies


Process Standardization and Automation

Sustaining process improvement requires process standardization.  Process standardization serves as the foundation for planned process automation. Process and system documentation becomes critical not only for external recognition, but more importantly internal control and consistency of process outputs. The key activities under Process Standardization and Automation involve training investments on lean thinking concept of visual factory, quality management system and project management supports.


Business Analytics & Optimization

One of the ways of maximizing business value is by leveraging on business data. This is achieved by utilizing the right analytics tool set to enable or support decision-making. These tools include developing analytical and optimization decision models and simulations. These approaches allows for management to gain more insightful perspectives to consider in arriving at their strategic and operational decisions that have direct impact to investment and operational costs of future operations most specially across supply chain systems.