Technopoly Inc. strongly supports process excellence initiatives of our client-partners through the creation of a clear operational mindset that emphasizes on customer and business value. We believe that companies grow because there is a strong connection between the company’s processes and what the customer is willing to pay for.


Wastes in operations such as transportation, excessive motion, overproduction, rejects, and inventories will definitely reduce our profit potential and will not make our customer satisfied. However, these wastes are hard to find because sometimes they are hidden in our operations or it is already embedded in our process. These wastes can propagate to our operations that make more variability in our performance in satisfying our customers.


Through our company engagements and consulting experiences, one of the usual and visible problems in operation is when you see your people going back & forth and across your different process locations, looking for tools, materials, forms, jigs etc. that takes up a lot of your available production time without producing anything. Worst is, if you see your customers are also confused where to go.  Another wasteful observation we see in work place is, if an operator is doing work beyond what the customer is willing to pay for such as rework, too much inventories or work in progress that is sometime caused by tedious, unbalanced and confusing work design. These wastes in operation are not unique to a company we all experience this one way or another whether it’s your business or you as the customer. The bottom line is we don’t want these wastes in our operations.


Technopoly Inc. uses an advanced process engineering and management software such as Proplanner to help companies eliminate these wastes. Proplanner has three major modules to help us eliminate wastes and variability in our performance. FlowPlanner module will help minimize movements in operations and transform it to more productive time. ProBalance module will help balance the work assignments in assembly line thus maintaining the flow of goods in production making more predictable output. And lastly, ProTime module will help improve work design by eliminating non-value adding movements and transforming saved time to more output and quality products.