Operational Excellence at Technopoly Inc.

is a professional learning service focused on providing a unique learning experience for professionals who are interested to explore and expand their knowledge and practice of operations management. We follow a proven learner-centered approach in a small group environment of professional learners using coaching and facilitation led by mentors with academic and professional practice. The learning courses combine theory and application emphasizing on the understanding and use of these concepts and ideas leading to real performance results for the organization.

Our Learning Framework

Our Learning Courses makes use of the following learning methodologies and techniques:

  • Learner-centered framework to professional learning

  • Mindset driven program outcomes

  • Mentoring and facilitation approaches to instructions

  • Activity based learning exercises

  • Cloud aided learning support, assessment, and feedback

The Learning Hub is a 133 sq.m. unconventional learning facility with a capacity of 20 Learners. It has fully configurable set up suitable for individual to small group learning activities. The facility has complete A/V equipment, high speed intent access, lounge sofas, working tables, ergonomic seating, espresso machine, executive toilet, in a relax colour tone environment. It is located at the 29th floor with floor to ceiling glass windows facing the rolling hills of Antipolo and the massive Laguna de Bay.

Our Facility