The Seven QC Tools: Basic Tools for Quality Analysis and Improvement

July 27, 2018 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Quality will always play a crucial role in the progress and survival of any company. Regardless of whether a business offers a tangible product or an intangible service to its market, the customers will have quality expectations and requirements that should be met or exceeded. Yet as important or critical as it is, quality problems seem to be pervasive in a lot of companies across various industries. Many companies have been or are being continuously saddled with product reworks or rejects along with customer complaints and purchase returns.

here is a science behind quality, it is not accidental. The sooner a company’s management along with its employees embrace this philosophy, the greater it’s potential to resolve its quality problems and put itself ahead of the competitive race in the market it belongs to. Within this science is a toolset plus a required mindset to make it work. And this is what this learning session is about. It will cover the seven (7) basic QC tools. Mr. Kaoru Ishikawa,  the renowned quality guru, once said   “More than 95% of the problems in a company can be solved by the 7 QC Tools.”


This 1-day training intends to provide and educate about the basic and foundational quality improvement tools and the thinking behind these to equip participants to properly address the quality issues faced by their companies. It will show that these tools, though at first glance can look sophisticated but are in reality simple and powerful, could be packaged into a quality problem solving framework useful to any company in any setting. It is hoped for that this seminar provides the gateway for participants to embark in a journey of raising quality in their respective workplaces. The session will be limited to 18 participants only to ensure a high engagement level and interaction between the Mentors/Facilitators and the participants.

Learning Session Outline

How you will benefit

  • Have an open and changed mindset that quality problems or issues are solved in a fact-based rational manner.

  • Be familiar and proficient with the basic and fundamental quality toolset and understand and experience on how to use these tools to address quality issues.

  • Understand the important role that variation plays in impacting quality.

  • Be equipped with a quality problem solving methodology that they can use in their jobs or workplaces.


Who Should Attend


Business Leaders, Quality Managers, Quality Analyst, Quality Assurance Personnel, Process Owners, Production Managers and Supervisors and others who are responsible for monitoring and improving processes and products. Participants will have to bring their own laptops for the MS Excel/QC software. Installation instructions for the trial version of the software will be provided as this will be used throughout the learning session duration.

Learning Investment and Inclusions


This one-day learning session is worth Php 5,600.00 (VAT included).


The inclusions are:

  • Workbook Materials

  • Business Snacks and Lunch, Unlimited espresso coffee and tea

  • Certificate of Completion


Paid parking is available in One San Miguel Avenue Building with entrance at the Shaw Boulevard


For Course-Related Questions


To reserve for this learning session or should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email through with your name and contact details


Payment Process


To secure your slot please pay at least 1 week before the learning session. Please deposit payment to:


Bank of the Philippine Islands

Account Name: Technopoly Inc.

Account Number: 1413-0041-59

Branch: Taft-Quirino Avenue


Banco de Oro

Account Name: Technopoly Inc.

Account Number: 004580-3638-01

Branch: Taft-Vito Cruz


Please email a copy of your deposit slip to this will serve as your confirmation. 


Our Facilitators and Mentors

Dennis Beng Hui


Dennis has trained and coached various companies on the principles and practice Design of Experiment. These companies are in the field of consumers goods, personal care, medical equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical and glazed ceramics manufacturing.  He is currently a faculty at the Department of Industrial Engineering at the Gokongwei College of Engineering of De La Salle University Manila since 1991. He is also a Master Black Belt holder on Six Sigma incorporating Design of Experiments training in a number of corporate Six Sigma training he has conducted. He has a bachelor in science and masters in science degree in Industrial Engineering. He is currently completing his doctor of philosophy in Industrial Engineering.

Bryan Gobaco


Bryan has trained various companies on Design of Experiments. These companies are in the field of consumer goods and personal care, quick service restaurant business, specialty chemicals and food ingredients. He is also the resident trainer of the Philippine Trade Training Center on the use of Design of Experiments for Process Optimization for the last 10 years. He is currently a faculty at the Department of Industrial Engineering at the Gokongwei College of Engineering of De La Salle University Manila where he also earned his bachelor in science and masters in science degree in Industrial Engineering. 


Training Venue


The training site will be at Technopoly Inc’s Learning Hub located at 2901 One San Miguel Avenue Building, 1 San Miguel Avenue corner Shaw Blvd, Pasig City. Those coming from faraway places could explore the multiple accommodation options near the training venue such as Red Planet Hotel, Richmond Hotel, Lancaster Hotel, etc.


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